Like any other wood product, Evoca undergoes some degree of linear expansion and contraction with the changes of weather and season. To compensate for these effects the following installation standard must be adhered to:

Recommended Spacing

• 4mm between boards
• 6mm gap between the deck board and any solid structure such as a wall or post.
• 2mm gap between board ends

This spacing will allow for air circulation and expansion as the boards season.


Your Evoca bamboo decking should be allowed to acclimatise in your area for a few days prior to installation.


Premium carbide tipped saw blades are recommended for cutting boards.


We recommend the CAMO hidden fastening system If fixing using traditional nail or screws we recommend you use stainless steel fixings and predrilling is essential. Evoca can be laid reeded or smooth face up.



Evoca engineered bamboo must be regularly coated with Cutek Extreme to ensure durability and to avoid mould. One coat of Cutek Extreme  wood preservative with colourtone should be applied to the deck immediately after installation to give added UV protection. We strongly advise against the use of any other stain or coating on Evoca bamboo decking other than Cutek Extreme. It is important to reapply Cutek Extreme wood preservative regularly to maintain the natural beauty and character of the Evoca engineered bamboo decking. We cannot guarantee the quality of Evoca engineered bamboo unless it is maintained with regular applications of CD50 Extreme. This maintenance is quick and easy to do. For further information regarding CD50 Extreme please visit-


We recommend the CAMO hidden fastening system for eas of installation and hidden appearance Stainless steel screws are recommended for face fixing. Drive 50mm countersunk screws with a slow speed drill into a 3mm pilot hole. Use 2 fasteners to attach decking to each joist. Fasteners should always be driven in at a 90 degree angle to decking surface.



The following is intended as a guide only. Local building codes and regulations should be followed.
Generally 90 x19 and 140x19 can be installed with 400-450mm joist centres.

Under Side Ventilation

Build your deck so that the surface is at least 300mm above the ground. It is sound advice to provide adequate air circulation underneath any deck. In wet areas or over water, additional clearance is recommended. In close to ground applications, a vapor barrier may be necessary to prevent moisture absorption.